We have hundreds of patients wanting to share their experience with chiropractic in our office. These are a few recent testimonials.

  • "I am a satisfied patient of Drs. Huffer for several years. I was referred by my wife, who had been very pleased with the results of treatments she had received. I was impressed with their attention both to my acute symptoms and to the deeper lifestlyle issues which might be causing my maladies to persist. With my permission, the doctors also worked in concert with other health professionals who were treating other aspects of my symptoms. As a result of their care, my symptoms have disappeared almost completely, along with the associated time-off from work and reduced productivity. Finally, the office staff has been consistently polite, professional, and very flexible. They have always been accommodating when I needed to change an appointment. They also have handled my financial details with the utmost accuracy."
    Joseph S.
  • "I have been going to Polaris Family & Sport Chiropractic for four years. I have always been treated with respect by Dr. Huffer. They listen to your concerns and will modify, if possible, how they treat you so you are comfortable with the work being done. They will explain what they are doing and why what they are doing is important to you regaining the health of your spine. The encourage exercise and other complementary treatments to make sure you are getting the optimum from the adjustments, and so that the adjustments hold longer meaning you don't have to see them as often. I believe they are dedicated to making sure not just that the pain or loss of movement you are experiencing is relieved, but that you are living as optimally as possible and preventing future problems with your health. I had been to other chiropractors prior to seeing Dr. Huffer, but I have gained the most from seeing them. And I truly enjoy, not dread, my appointments with them."
    Barb S.
  • "I am very happy with the quality of care by Polaris Family & Sport Chiropractic. With my job with heavy computer usage I suffer a lot of back and neck problems that have much improved with care from their office. The location is fantastic and I recommend their office to anybody who asks."
    Dave R.
  • "I came in with severe upper back and shoulder pain as a result of a deteriorating disc. I had tried injections and medications for temporary relief. Since my chiropractic treatments, the pain has slowly dissipated and has now been eliminated. I am 90% better than when I came in."
    Neal S.
  • "I came in for severe neck, back and hip pain and for my fibromyalgia. I have had pain for 2 years and took medication to alleviate the pain. After chiropractic care, I have little to no back and hip pain, and the neck pain and pain from fibromyalgia has improved. I was able to return to social events! I rate my overall improvement at 80%. I was very skeptical at first and was pleasantly surprised by such a DRASTIC improvement in just 2 weeks!"
    Angela C.
  • "I suffered from migraines since I was 18 years old. I had taken medication but had no relief. I am 98% better since getting chiropractic care."
    Elizabeth K.
  • "I came to the office for low back pain. I had been suffering for 6-9 months and had no progress with physical therapy. After chiropractic, I have no pain. I feel 90% better!"
    Jannette W.
  • "I sought help for lower back pain and pain in my left hip. I had been in pain for about 6 months but had not sought any treatment. I have had very good progress with chiropractic - only moderate pain occurring very infrequently. I would rate my overall improvement at 90%. Amazing work by Dr. Huffer and staff! The result of the treatments exceeded expectations, even despite my inconsistent schedule due to work!"
    Jeff B.
  • "I had been having lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches for 9 months. I had physical therapy for my neck but the pain came back after I stopped the therapy. Since chiropractic, my pain is not as frequent and the headaches are less frequent."
    Rachel T.
  • "I came in with pain from a pinched nerve and had been suffering with it for over 2 months. The adjustments and exercise program have helped improve my health by 50%."
    Melissa B.
  • "I had neck and back pain from working at my desk for about a year. I have had chiropractic care before and regular treatments have always helped. I feel 90% better since coming to the office."
    James H.
  • "For 3 months I had right shoulder and neck pain. I feel 80% better overall and finally have some relief of the pain."
    Jennifer L.
  • "I had pain in my low back for 2 weeks and pain in my right arm for 6 months. Since starting chiropractic care, I have no more low back pain."
    LaJuan S.
  • "I suffered with back pain, neck pain, and leg pain from an auto accident. I feel 75% better since seeking chiropractic care and feel that chiropractic treatment has improved my injuries."
    Connie B.

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