Shoulder/Arm Pain

Many people come into our office with names for their shoulder pain: rotator cuff, bursitis, neuritis, frozen shoulder syndrome, sprains, strains, and arthritis. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and therefore can be unstable at times. This can cause the pain and discomfort in the shoulder region that so many people have. The shoulder complex is really made up of four joints and 17 muscle attachments which all need to be checked and addressed for optimal recovery. Furthermore, the spinal nerves can become "pinched" either in the neck or shoulder causing the stinger pain in the shoulder region or paresthesia (numbness) down the arm. As a chiropractor and sports pysician, it is my job to detect and correct any joint misalingments in the spine or shoulder. By doing so would alleviate the nerve pressure going to the shoulder. In addition, I would determine which muscles are strong and weak so that we can rehabilitate the surrounding musculature to help stabilize the shoulder complex. Treatment of shoulder injuries is one of our specialties that we can help our patients all without the use of meds or surgery. If we feel it is not a chiropractic problem, then we will refer you to the proper specialist.

By Dr. Randall Huffer

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