Sciatica is a condition that results when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated. Bulging discs, spinal subluxations (misalignments), and muscle spasms can all cause increased pressure on the sciatic nerve. This can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the lower back, thigh and leg. The increased pressure on the nerve causes inflammation, pain, and sometimes muscle spasms. The nerve pressure must be removed in order to alleviate the pain. An examination can reveal the cause of the pain, and chiropractic treatment can relieve the pain by porperly aligning the spine and addressing the cause of the pain. Dr. Huffer and Dr. Pitsinger specialize in the treatment of sciatic nerve compression, disc herniation, and muscle spasms.You do not have to suffer any longer with sciatica - please call our office at 614.846.BACK(2225) to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

By Dr. Randall Huffer

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