Most causes of headaches occur as a direct result of nerve irritation which can tightness in the neck and shoulders. The tightmess most often comes from subluxations (misalignments) in the vertebrae of your neck resulting in pain. Neck misalignments can refer pain to the base of the skull, temples, eyes, sinus area, and forehead. Chiropractic care can help eliminate the cause of your headaches with gentle treatment to the cervical spine. There is overwhelming evidence in many medical journals showing the efficacy of chiropractic treatment for these headaches (tension, sinus, cluster, or migraine). In our office, Dr. Huffer and Dr. Pitsinger will rule out any medical pathology first and treat the root cause of the problems rather than just masking the symptoms. Call our office @ 614.846.BACK(2225) to set up a consultation with the doctor."

By Dr. Randall Huffer

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