Fibromyalgia is a very common condition seen in our office. Patients who have this health concern are very sensative to the touch in most cases with muscle spasms and weakness. The word fibromyalgia comes from three words: fibro - meaning the fibrous connective tissue surrounding the muscles, myo - means the skeletal muscle of the body, and algia - means pain. Many patients that we see with this condition have tried pain killers, muscle relaxers, massage, heat, ice, sedatives... and the list goes on. However, what we do is different. When you enter our office, we will take a thorough history and perform an extensive exam on the joints and muscles of the body. This will enable us to determine if you have any malfunctioning joint and muscle mechanics going on in the body. In addition, we perform a neurological test that is different than any other doctor. Each nerve that exits the spine must be working optimally in order for the attached muscle groups to work well. If there is an obstruction of a nerve due to spinal or extremity joint misalignments, then the muscles inadvertantly will be effected. It is our job then to correct these misalignments which will allow the nerve to transmit the proper signal to the muscle groups it supplies. Then the rehabilitation process can be productive and normalize the patient's condition.

By Dr. Randall Huffer

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