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Summer Activities to Get Fit

Summer is right about here! With the warmer weather, almost all of us want to spend some time outside. In addition, it’s a great season to get into fitness! With all of the outdoor possibilities, find a friend, go solo, and get moving! Here are some great ways to get some exercise in during the summertime! This list is great for couples, families, friends, or solo adventurers!

  • Go for a bike ride! Put the air back in those tires and explore your town! If you’re lucky, you live close to a nature preserve with bike trails. Head on out, get your sweat on, and see what you can find! Bonus: this is a really great low-impact workout, so those with knee troubles may enjoy this!
  • Yoga! Many towns have in-the-park classes and activities available. Take advantage of what your town offers and take up a yoga class! If you are new to yoga, you will be surprised at what a great workout it is.
  • Plant some new life! If you have a yard, think about adding some new foliage or flowers. Not only is it fun to design your yard, but it gets you active with bending, squatting, lifting, digging, and walking. Not to mention, it adds curb appeal to your home!
  • Sports! If you play certain sports inside during colder months, gather some friends and bring your competition outside! Get some fresh air while playing basketball or volleyball (beach volleyball if you’re lucky!).
  • Play with the pets! Your dogs have probably been waiting all winter for you to take them on a nice, long walk or to play a fun game of Frisbee in the park!
  • Hit the beach! There are so many fun watersports and can really get your heart pumping! Go swimming, hit a paddleboard, or learn to skimboard!
  • Go rock climbing! Have you ever rocked climbed before? Whether you are a pro or you are interested in learning a new skill, rock climbing is quite the workout!
  • Summer cleaning! Does your house need some sprucing up? Clean out the attic, tidy up the yard, or give your home a deep cleaning. It feels good to live in a clean home, it relieves stress, and it gets you working.
  • Throw a party! Nothing says workout like running around trying to get the house ready for guests! The work of cleaning your home plus entertaining guests is a full day of getting active. Throw in some dancing and you are set to sweat!

There are so many ways to get moving this summer, whether you do it solo or want to make it a social event. Just be sure you are participating safely. Pay attention to posture, know how to properly lift, and know when to stop. Be sure to visit your chiropractor at the first sign of injury and for your general spinal health. Have a summer filled with fun and fitness! 

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